Technology can have more twists than a pretzel factory

Custom Web Apps

SugarCRM setup & customizations, rewards programs, public data & license search interfaces, product registration, sales modules & account history. Building web apps is the current focus.

Responsive Design

Upgrade your website with responsive templates for Wordpress & Bootstrap. Build for mobile and extend your business.


Square Online Store setup, PayPal customizations & integration. Design, setup & tuning for CS Cart & other open source ecommerce systems.


Raised on concrete. Wrote HTML in Notepad.

  • 1992-1994

    Texas Beginnings

    University of Texas Cycling Club President for two years. Graduated from the University of Texas in 1992 Economics major, French minor. Raced as an amateur cyclist in France for one season. Returned to Texas to work various computer support jobs.

  • 1995-1996

    EDS & the World Wide Web

    Worked for EDS in Plano, Texas as a Lotus Notes junior admin. Started learning HTML & building web sites. Completed one year contract job at EDS then moved to Network America Services to provide website services.

  • 1997-1999

    Rierson Communications launched

    Began doing web site production & troubleshooting for various advertising agencies & their high-tech clients in Austin, Texas

  • 1999-2001

    Citrix & Daleen in Florida

    Contracted to Citrix Systems in Ft Lauderdale to manage high profile corporate marketing & intranet websites for customers, internal users, VARs and international business units. At end of contract moved to Daleen in Boca Raton as Director of Internet Marketing. Then the Dot-com bubble burst!

  • 2002-2013

    Rierson Communications in Florida

    Returned to self-employment working on websites, ecommerce, web apps for small & medium businesses. Continued support & development of web apps for Texas State agencies.

  • 2014-current

    Rierson Communications in Texas

    Web application development projects & new contracts for Texas State agencies grew. Returned to Austin, Texas.

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Joel Rierson

Available for full-time hire or contract jobs

Joel Rierson

Project Manager/Internet Developer

VeloFest360 Events

Austin, Texas events promoter

Joel's sports

Cycling, running and yoga

Skills: Documentation, Project Management, Project Assessments, Team Management, Development Workflow, Custom Reporting, End-User Testing, Agile Development Principles, ER Diagrams Technical Troubleshooting, Analytical Thinking, USAS Maintenance, ABEST LAR Reporting Annual, MFR & Headcount Reporting

Technologies: Unix, Oracle for Toad, SQL, PHP/MySQL Web Apps, Office365 Suite, SharePoint, OneNote, MS Flow, MS Access, Excel, PeopleSoft 9.2, HTML, DHTML, Web Design SugarCRM, Shell Scripting/PERL, Batch processes/Automation, Toad Data Modeler, PeopleSoft Query Manager, FMQuery SIRS ABEST Reporting

Foreign Languages: French & German, basic Spanish

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